Duane Andrus

Duane Andrus

Executive Vice President

Builders License, Michigan
Western Michigan University, Industrial Design

Duane Andrus knows the concrete construction industry from the ground up. He offers Kent clients over 38 years of hands-on expertise, which is nearly unmatched in the industry. Duane’s career began with hands-on construction of residential homes and post-frame style structures. He also owned and operated an engineering and design firm for precast concrete manufacturing for over 15 years. Duane has completed projects in Michigan, Wyoming, Florida and New York; each region has given him an in-depth appreciation for regional soil and building conditions. His well-rounded experience positions him to design the most complete home repair plans today.

Duane appreciates how a strong foundation enables a home or building to last for generations. He notes, “The extra paycheck for me is driving past a building that I have worked on and knowing that it will be there for my great-grandchildren to enjoy.”

In his free time, Duane spends time with family, visiting his children who live in Michigan, Arizona and Colorado. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast and likes hiking and hunting.