Basement Waterproofing Products and Solutions

An example of a typical sump pump found in a basement.Wet Basement And Crawl Space Solutions

A flooded basement can cost thousands to fix. Dealing with the resulting mold and mildew is just as frustrating and expensive. Taking preemptive action is the safest and best way to protect your home and family against the risks of mold and structural damage.

Act Today for a Dry Basement Tomorrow

Mold generally needs an environment with 50% humidity or more, to grow. KHS is here to help keep that moisture out. Kent custom fits our water direction systems to keep moisture from entering your home’s basement. Often, a humidifier in conjunction with the drainage system and a sump pump, will keep your basement dry and comfortable. Of course, we offer all these solutions and more with our wide-range offering for crawl space waterproofing.

White basement barrier.

Keep moisture out with vapor barriers

We offer a wide range of encapsulation barriers with varying looks and purposes. From anti-microbial wall covers to bright-white barriers to brighten up your basement, we have what you need.

Sump pump and drainage system.

Expel water with a sump pump and drainage system

If you have ever had your basement flooded, you are familiar with the power of a sump pump. We will customize solutions to direct and pump water out of your basement. There’s no more effective way to clear out water from a basement than a sump pump.


Dry out your basement with a dehumidifier

Our dehumidifiers dry out your basement air while filtering out microscopic mold spores and dangerous particles.

An encapsulated basement.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space vapor barriers and dehumidifiers protect the space beneath your home from water intrusion and control the humidity in the encapsulated space.

*Kent Foundation Repair only offers Basement Waterproofing at our St. Louis service area.