Vapor Barriers for Basement Walls

A woman enters a clean basement with vapor barrier.

Solution #1

For first-line defense, we install vapor barriers or ‘encapsulation’ to keep moisture out. We offer an antimicrobial, non-peeling, non-blistering, basement wall sealant. This patented and EPA registered product is proven not only to prevent mold and mildew from growing, but also to keep out up to 40 PSI of water pressure. The sealant is applied directly onto concrete walls in two parts.

Dry Shield

Solution #2

Wall panels drain water into the drainage system, brighten your basement and stop water vapor. They provide a semi-finished look that’s durable.

White Cap

Solution #3

Wall cap systems drain moisture and wall leaks into your drainage system, is a barrier for vapor, and gives your basement a beautiful white finish.

Radiant Barrier

Solution #4

Barrier walls provide a vapor barrier, drains wall leaks into the drainage system and reflects over 90% of indoor heat back into the home, saving you money!

*Kent Foundation Repair only offers Basement Waterproofing at our St. Louis service area.