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Bowed Basement Wall Repair Methods

A set of traditional Michigan houses in Grand Rapids that may need bowed basement wall repair methods.

If you have a basement, then there will come a time when you will be facing the issue with bowed basement walls. Find out the causes and repair methods of bowed basement walls.

How To Handle Bowing Basement Wall Repair

Bowed basement walls happen when the foundation of the house curves inward, forming a bow. The cause of the foundation walls bending and bowing arises due to excessive lateral pressure on the exterior. When the load is too much, then the walls start to warp, crack, or even break. Repair these walls as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Causes of Bowing Walls 

Bowed basement wall repair methods need to be handled by professionals. There are many causes for bowed basement walls, including the following:

Hydrostatic pressure – Pressure caused due to the accumulation of water in the surrounding soil. Hydrostatic pressure exerts force against the walls and causes the basement to bow. 

Expansive clay soils – If there is clay soil around the property, then it can expand and contract as the ground moisture increases or decreases. That will result in the bowing of the basement walls. 

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Frost – Another reason for the basement walls to bow is frost. When the soil against the wall freezes, it expands and applies pressure on the basement walls. 

How to Repair Bowed Basement Walls 

For those who are dealing with bowed basement walls, get in touch with a company that has been offering bowed basement wall repair methods for many years. They use the following techniques to repair the bowed basement walls: 

Wall Anchors – With the use of wall anchors, the load on the basement walls spreads evenly throughout the height of the wall. Anchors stop inward movement.  

Carbon Fiber Wall – Carbon fiber is a high-strength fabric material that is robust. It does not stretch and break easily. Carbon fiber wall supports connect to the foundation base and house framing. Experts offering bowed basement wall repairs fasten the carbon fiber to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket. The plate secures to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. There is no deterioration, which helps in an even distribution of outside pressure. 

Wall Brace – Soil pressure and movement can bring damage to the foundation walls that leads to bowing. Wall braces help counteract stress. The wall brace is a structural tension loaded, steel I-beam system that helps in strengthening the concrete walls. Wall braces are an alternative when wall plates aren’t available.  

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