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DIY Foundation Repair – Is It Possible?

Gloves and other tools that one might assume are needed for DIY foundation repair.

The foundation of your house is essential. It’s the most crucial part of the house. Foundation issues cause problems when overlooked, especially over extended amounts of time. You may think that DIY foundation repair is the best solution.

Your foundation determines how your home reacts to the elements over time. It also determines how stable or durable your house stays. Unfortunately, many homeowners often overlook this vital part of their home. While all other home components receive treatment and care, the foundation typically remains untreated, neglected, and goes unnoticed for years. By the time you discover serious cracks on drywall or the chimney pulling away, your house is already in distress. 

And now you want to fix it. So, can you fix it all by yourself? Or should you hire a professional? 

Lake House Foundation Problems and Solutions

Well, you may argue that there are plenty of YouTube tutorials that can be helpful. Of course, the internet is now full of videos and useful tutorials. But are they enough? For accurate and expert foundation repair, the answer is “No.”

No matter how experienced you are with construction, tools, other home improvements, you are not going to benefit much from DIY foundation repair videos.

What Kind of Foundation Do You Have?

The most challenging part of foundation repair is to identify what type of foundation you have. Failing to do so may make it difficult for homeowners to fix the issues. Foundations must meet specific requirements to ensure safety. Foundations need the ability to withstand freezing water, expanding and contracting soil, and more.

Foundation Assessment Tips for Homebuyers

Does your house sit on the top of a basement or concrete slab? Is the soil around the foundation hard or soft? Is there a crawlspace to access the underside of the house? Every house with a foundation requires professional intervention. It is preferable to seek professional assistance for basement foundation repair as it lowers the risk of structural failures. 

Symptoms of Foundation Problems

Homeowners often wonder how to identify the different signs of foundation problems. Remember, detecting early warning signs is essential. Some common signs are:

  • Visible cracks in the foundation 
  • Cracks in brick structures 
  • Jammed windows and doors 
  • Sagging cracked and slanted floors
  • Cracked or bowing walls in the basements 
  • Leaning or tilting chimneys 

These are just signs, but not necessarily problems. The professional experts at Kent Foundation Repair can delve deep into the root of your symptoms and identify any issues.

DIY vs. Professional Foundation Repair 

Once you have identified the symptoms, you can contact our experts to do the rest.

There are countless stories of injuries and additional damage caused by DIY foundation repairs. Accidents can occur due to casual methods or lack of preparedness. Additionally, the risk of electric wires, plumbing lines, and other hazards can put you at risk. Besides, the solutions vary widely based on the type of foundation and problems you have. Some of them involve working with concrete or hydraulic engineering. DIY repairs are not applicable for slab foundations. Instead, seek professional advice from Kent Foundation Repair and call us today for your free estimate

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