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Foundation Fixers: Why You Should Hire Experts

Foundation fixers at Kent Foundation Repair can help fix your foundation.

The term ‘foundation problem’ is a nightmare for many homeowners. Even a minor problem can become a major one if you are not careful about your foundation. A small crack in the chimney or exterior walls can lead to a costly headache down the road. However, Kent Foundation Repair’s foundation fixers can address problems when the core structure of the building is in distress. 

Why Should You Hire Foundation Fixers

Before jumping into details, let’s check out the possible signs of foundation problems:

  • Cracks on the walls and floors 
  • Foundation settling and sinking 
  • Foundation upheaval
  • Doors not opening correctly 
  • Windows not shutting right 
  • Cracks in the chimney or exterior walls 

If you notice these signs, you may want to consider consulting foundation fixers. So, how do these problems occur? As our Kent Foundation Repair experts will tell you, the trouble occurs when the foundation shifts, settles, and sinks into the soil around it. Plus, gravity pulls on rigid concrete, causing it to lose its stability over time. 

Why Is My Foundation Shifting?

So why is your foundation shifting and sinking? Well, this is a common problem. A few inches of settlement is nothing to worry about so long as the settlement distributes evenly across the structure. Some of the common factors that lead to shifting and settling are weather changes, shifting ground, erosion, and other outside forces. 

Lake House Foundation Problems and Solutions

Whatever the causes, some of the common factors leading to foundation settlement are expansive soils, improper soil compaction, and trees planted too close. 

The expert foundation fixers at Kent Foundation Repair can resolve these issues efficiently and quickly, thanks to advanced technology and tools. They will show up on the scheduled date and begin the repair. 

Helical Piers vs. Push Piers

This process involves foundation solutions like helical piers and push piers based on the nature of surface soils. While helical piers are ideal for softer surface soils, push piers are favorable for denser soils. The helical plates shift the weight of the home to the pier. They support structure and increase the strength of the foundation, even in the challenging soil. Push piers are preferable where helicals cannot screw down. Both options support the home and are useful solutions to foundation fixers. Kent Foundation Repair experts will work with you and help choose the best solution based on soil condition and your budget. 

Helical Piers vs. Push Piers: Pros, Cons, and Preferences

We use the latest piering technology to restore the sinking or cracked foundation to a level, ensuring maximum recovery of any wall-shifting. So hire foundation fixers at Kent Foundation Repair who can help resolve foundation issues no matter how serious they are. 

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