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Foundation Leveling: A Way to Fix Foundation Problems

A sinking foundation can be problematic. When it happens, your house likely has some structural problems. The best way to fix the problem is foundation leveling. Foundation leveling is the process of lifting a foundation back to a stable position. So why is it so important to invest in foundation repair and leveling?

Make the Most of Foundation Leveling

An investment in foundation repair and leveling creates a dry and safe space for you and your family. When it comes to selling your home, you may have to disclose any flaws to the potential buyers. If the defects are too severe, they may not be interested. Even if they are, they will ask you to either fix them or significantly lower the asking price. So, why take this chance? Make the most of foundation leveling and repairing to resolve these issues. 

Signs of Crumbling Foundation & How To Fix It

Different Types of Methods to Fix Foundation Problems

Remember, an investment in foundation leveling includes driving steel piers into load-bearing soils beneath your home. Several methods can be useful in reducing the damage to the foundation. 

Push Pier Repair System

The push pier repair system is one such system that transfers the weight of the home from unstable soil to competent soil using strategically placed pliers. The materials used include galvanized steel, which does not require heavy equipment at the time of installation. 

Helical Pier System

Helical piers are also useful in transferring the weight of the home to the pier. This method requires curved steel plates welded into the shaft of the steel pole. These systems are useful for lighter structures or patios that are sagging and showing fatigue. Your foundation may need small construction equipment to screw the piers into the soil and install them. 

How to Fix a Shifting House Foundation

How Foundation Repair Piers Are Installed

With one call, the professionals at Kent Foundation Repair will arrive at your place on the date scheduled and begin repairs. At each pier location, they will excavate to expose the portion of the foundation that will get anchored. A foundation that sinks significantly may need piers driven into the ground until they reach appropriate load-bearing specifications. A foundation repair expert from Kent Foundation Repair will tell you more and identify your needs. 

Being in the industry for years, our experts offer in-depth knowledge of foundation problems. They go an extra deep into the root of the problem and identify the cause of it. Regardless of why it sinks, the foundation contractors at Kent Foundation Repair make sure that the foundation returns to its previous condition. 

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