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Signs of Foundation Problems

A series of cracked tiles most likely caused by foundation problems.
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Is the foundation of your house giving you worries? A small crack might seem harmless, but it doesn’t take much for a small crack to grow into something bigger. Learn the signs of foundation problems.

What Are The Common Symptoms of Foundation Problems 

Often, foundation problems don’t show up near the foundation. You can notice the window frame separated from the bricks, or the door frame moved out of place. These are all symptoms of foundation problems. For the homeowner, it will not be possible to understand these issues. That is why contacting a professional who can address the problems is a good idea.

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Following are some of the warning signs of foundation problems:       

Interior sheetrock cracks – Homeowners need to look for issues in the interior Sheetrock. Cracks on the interior sheetrock, appearing in a zig-zag pattern, are signs of foundation problems. Often, this causes the wallpapers to pull away. Cracks also appear at the junction of the wall and the ceiling.  

Exterior cracks – Notice if there is any zig-zag pattern or if the cracks are abundant on the outer wall. If yes, then this is a cause of concern. Experts can detect brick cracks or protrusions from the walls. These can also be a sign of a foundation problem.  

Foundation Warning Signs

Check whether the floors are uneven – After a specific time has passed, every house settles down a bit. If you notice that a sticking door or floors that have become uneven, then these are symptoms of foundation problems. 

Look out for cracks in the tiles – Kitchen or the bathrooms have widely placed tiles. They are generally hard and last longer, but tiles are also brittle. One or two broken floor tiles are always not a concern. However, if there are too many cracked tiles, then that means there is a foundation problem.             

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Notice whether the walls pull away – Exterior walls pulling away from the house is a severe sign of foundation problems. Walls that are pulling away need fixing quickly to prevent further damage.

Expansion joint separation– The primary purpose of installing the expansion joint is to compensate for any movement. Movement occurs through temperature fluctuations, humidity, shifting of the soil, and more. If the expansion joints separate, then that will mean that the foundation is failing. Expanding joints can cause widespread cracks. 

Knowing that there can be so many symptoms of foundation problems is unnerving for any homeowner. Recognizing the issue and resolving it without delay is the work of an expert foundation repair contractor. Contact Kent Foundation Repair today for your free estimate.

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