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What the Foundation Repair Process Looks Like

Many homeowners wonder, “What does my foundation repair look like?” This Grand Rapids foundation repair project gives us an opportunity to show you signs of foundation issues and what repairs may look like.

In general, foundation repair happens below the ground’s surface. It is covered up by soil and your landscaping when our job is complete. We took the opportunity to take photos that can help you understand what our work looks like before being covered up.

Our team installed six piers in a little more than one day. The foundation was raised nearly an inch and a half to correct the stair-stepping problems.

Piers and brackets are attached to the foundation and driven deep into the ground until more competent soils are reached. The helical plates on the anchor transfer the weight of the structure to the surrounding soils.

Do you have any of the signs of foundation damage? If so, we can offer a free inspection to help identify the issues.

Stair-Stepping Cracks

This brick home is an example of stair-stepping cracks that are a telltale sign of foundation issues.This home in Grand Rapids had the telltale signs of foundation damage. Among other things, you can see the stair-stepping cracks in exterior brick on the wall leading from the door to the edge of the home.

Excavated Hole for Helical Piers

This small hole is all that’s needed to expose the home’s foundation. We then use handheld equipment to install a helical pier. Occasionally the crew needs┬áto dig along an entire wall for more extensive work. After installation, we always backfill the area to cover up our work.

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