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Foundation Stabilization to Support a Home Addition

Project Manager: Dave Cummings

Job Purpose: Foundation stabilization

A Grand Rapids homeowner added a bedroom to their home years ago. The addition was not built on a basement. Instead, the shallow footing used was extended from the back corner of the original house out toward a steep bank overlooking a natural area.

Over time, the room settled and the shifting movement was in the direction of the steep bank. The bank was prone to erosion and a freeze/thaw cycle, causing consolidation and sloughing of the soil under the addition’s weight. This allowed the room to settle and move.

Kent Foundation Repair’ Foundation team assessed the property and settling addition. They felt the most cost- and time-effective solution was to install 5 helical piers and mudjack the interior floor. The crew spaced piers around the perimeter of the addition to a depth of 20 feet. These piers lifted and stabilized the addition’s foundation.

Next, Kent’s Concrete Raising crew utilized mudjacking to lift and restore the addition’s interior floor. The mudjacking will secure and stabilize the interior floor for years to come.

The property owners now have the security of a stable foundation and a level floor. They were pleased with the results, as reported by the foreman.

This home's addition was settling and causing foundation issues for the homeowner.A home in Grand Rapids, Michigan in need of foundation repair and concrete raising.







Despite having a slab foundation, this bedroom addition began to lose stability based on inadequate support from the earth below.

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