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Helical Pier Installation in Saugatuck, Michigan

A aerial view of Saugatuck, Michigan.
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The Quaint Town of Saugatuck, MI

If you’re looking for a small, peaceful town on the water, look no further than Saugatuck. This charming town has prime waterfront access on Kalamazoo Lake, Lake Michigan, and the Kalamazoo River.

Of course, waterfront property poses unique challenges for homeowners. The soil composition is sandy and is prone to expanding and contracting with varying water saturation. This can cause a home foundation to shift or settle.

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Kent Foundation Repair Stabilization Project

Kent Foundation Repair Foundation team completed a 2-day job in Saugatuck, Michigan. The home was shifting and needed to be stabilized and protected from the sandy soil.

Our team installed six helical piers to stabilize this home’s foundation. The results: A strong, stable foundation and a happy homeowner.



New helical piers are stabilizing this home's foundation.

This helical pier is being installed with hand-held equipment.

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