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What Happens if You Ignore a Wet Basement

Does your St. Louis basement have water? A musty odor? Mold? These are signs you can’t ignore. Learn about what happens if you continue to ignore your wet basement, and how to fix it.

What To Do About A Wet Missouri Basement

The problem is obvious. It is not going away. You are reminded every time you walk down those steps and are greeted by a familiar musty odor, the telltale sign of an unhealthy living environment. Mold, mildew and dry rot cause air pollution and typically a musty smell. The irritants produced by molds can trigger asthma attacks in persons that are sensitive. Touching or inhaling mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions including hay-fever, sneezing, runny nose or skin rash. A person who has not been sensitive to mold can become sensitive with repeated exposure. Because of the wet basement the humidity level rises, significantly encouraging mold to live, thrive and survive.

Three of six steel plates fully installed.A musty odor and all it entails is one thing but dealing with the actual water is another. Water can ruin an otherwise inviting living space. Painted walls may chip and peel. Paneling may begin to warp. There may be signs of rust on appliances, metal furniture or other metal objects. Hardwood floors may buckle and saturated carpets must be removed. Stored items in boxes and containers will be ruined. Bedrooms and family rooms cannot be used for what they were intended. This seriously detracts from the usable square footage of your home, ultimately decreasing its value for you or a future homeowner when you’re ready to sell.

How A Wet Basement Can Affect Your St. Louis Home

Ignoring a wet basement can affect the cost of heating and cooling your St. Louis home. If you have a wet basement, you will notice that the higher moisture content in the air makes it more difficult to heat and cool your home. Therefore the cost of heating and cooling your home will rise. Also, if the ducts are below the floor, water could possibly enter these ducts causing wet air to blow out when the furnace blower turns on.

The last thing and perhaps most significant is how it affects your state of mind. Let’s face it, dealing with a wet basement involves a lot of extra time and energy: moving furniture and stored items, carrying out wet carpet and frequent trips with the wet-vac. This time could be spent on more enjoyable endeavors.

How you respond to a wet basement makes all the difference. You can ignore it and watch your home deteriorate or you can choose to call Kent Foundation Repair to remedy your problem. Call for a free estimate and soon you will be on the road to peace of mind.

*Kent Foundation Repair only offers Basement Waterproofing at our St. Louis service area.

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