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Support Post Lift for a Lakefront Home

Holland, Michigan is a quaint lakefront town known for its Dutch hospitality. Attractions include the Heinz pickle factory, a big red lighthouse and beautiful Lake Macatawa. We believe lakefront living in Holland is nearly unrivaled.

Of course, having lakefront property comes with some unique foundation challenges. The sandy soil and varying water levels mean the soil expands and contract frequently. These conditions, though, are possible to overcome with the right equipment!

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Support Post Settlement & Repair

This summer we helped a lakefront homeowner in Holland. Their home was built on the side of a sand dune. The dune eroded over time from wind and soil compaction. This resulted in settling issues for the homeowner. The support posts had settled 1-2 inches.

Helical piers were installed to lift the home back toward its original position. The piers will also provide long-term support to combat any further settlement.

This homeowner is back to enjoying lakefront living thanks to Kent Foundation Repair!



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