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Pre-Construction Piers on a Waterfront Home in Green Lake MI

Working with the engineering team and homebuilder to put a new home on solid ground where it is scarce, with pre-construction piering.

Building a Lakefront home in Allegan County on a Solid Foundation

Ask any lakefront homeowner and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing that beats life on the lake. Michigan has over 11,000 inland lakes to enjoy. If you’re planning to build a second home or your retirement home on waterfront property, it’s smart to begin with a solid foundation. We helped one lakefront homeowner do just that on a recent project on Green Lake, located in Allegan County. Green Lake is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy lake life yet still have a convenient commute for work. After all, Green Lake is only 19 miles south of downtown Grand Rapids.

Kent Foundation Repair Project Manager Rick Silvis made his first visit to this jobsite in February 2017. Although there was snow still on the ground, we worked with the homeowner and engineering firm Soils and Structures to develop a foundation plan to support the new home.

Pre-Construction Piers And Why They Matter

Few home builders are aware of the long lasting and strong reinforcement pre-construction piers offer. Prior to pouring a foundation footing, Kent Foundation Repair can install these piers deep into solid soil in a grid. We then attach plates to the top, just above the ground. Concrete foundations are then poured over these supports, greatly reducing or preventing later foundation shifting and sinking.

Pre construction piers installed in a grid.

Pre-construction piers are more common with larger commercial building projects. They are, however, still a great choice for homes built on less-than-stable soil featured among many lakefront properties in particular.

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Lakeside Reinforcement for a New Concrete Foundation

The Kent Foundation Repair team installed 41 piers for this new residence. The most shallow helical piers were driven to a depth of 63 feet, and the deepest helical pier was driven to a depth of 134 feet. We used a mini excavator and completed installation in seven working days. Soils and Structures reviewed our work and approved our installation logs – signifying to the customer that all piers were installed exactly where needed to support the home.

Pre-construction piers for a waterfront home in Green Lake MI.

The depth of the piers ranging from 60-130+ feet demonstrates exactly how challenging it is to build on waterfront soils. They vary in composition and their ability to support the weight of a home. It’s always best to work with a professional foundation repair contractor who specializes in helical piers. Helical piers are easy to install and the equipment we use is non-invasive on delicate waterfront environments.

With all 41 piers installed to proper load-bearing depths, this jobsite is ready for new home construction to begin!

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