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Retaining Wall Repair In Hudsonville, MI

Retaining walls add visual interest to your property and serve an important function at the same time. They keep soils from sliding across specific areas of your property and may even help with water.

This retaining wall needed helical tiebacks to stop it from sliding.

Why Retaining Walls Matter

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), there are six potential reasons a retaining wall can fail:

  1. Reinforcing in the wrong position; either by size, location, detailing error or construction error
  2. Saturated backfill which causes pooling of water behind the wall or expansive pressure caused by soils taking on too much water.
  3. Blocked weep holes
  4. Design errors as a result of insufficient information or changing landscape plans after the wall is installed.
  5. Detailing errors made by the contractor who installs the retaining wall.
  6. Foundation problems caused by fill material, soil, water table or other factors that cause sliding.

Tiebacks for a Retaining Wall

The Kent Foundation Repair team recently repaired a retaining wall in Hudsonville, Michigan. The wall was starting to slide, and the homeowners contacted Kent for help. Our team installed two helical tiebacks to help secure the wall to more competent soils. The job took only a few hours to complete, and now the property is ready for spring landscaping.

Do you have a retaining wall on your property? Kent Homes Services can keep your retaining wall from sliding out of place.


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