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Signs of Crumbling Foundation & How To Fix It

Signs of crumbling foundation
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The concrete foundation that supports your house is, by far, an essential piece of your property. Even small damage can get worse with time. Leaving those minor issues unfixed can only put the home at risk, thus leading to costly repairs. Homeowners should be informed about their foundation and how to recognize signs of crumbling foundation.

Top Signs of Crumbling Foundation

Some of the most common signs of crumbling foundation include foundation sinking, cracks, sagging, slanting, etc. In most cases, this damage happens underground and out of sight. Problems can only get worse over time. If you see any of these symptoms, call a Kent Foundation Repair expert to find out if you need foundation repair. 

Sagging Floors – Many times, foundation problems cause concrete driveways, walkways, or patio areas to dip and sag. Sagging can occur because of a faulty drainage system. 

Cracking Walls – Sometimes, you may notice large cracks near the bottom of the home. These cracks can mean a sign of a crumbling foundation that is uneven and may require repair. 

Maintaining A Strong Foundation With Periodic Checkups

Slanting – Uneven floors or walkways in the home are the results of a faulty foundation. Floors don’t have to be completely level, but they should be close.  

Leaning or tilting chimney – Once the foundation starts to settle or shift, your chimneys may start leaning or tilting inward or outward away from home. 

Exterior Wall Cracks – Look for cracks in the exterior walls. If the cracks start to widen at one end, it might be a sign of a crumbling foundation. Have a Kent Foundation Repair technician evaluate the condition. A horizontal crack appearing in the bed joint of the concrete block or brick wall indicates a significant breakdown. 

Cracked or Bowing Basement Walls – Bowing walls are severe signs of foundation problems. Bowing walls form due to external pressure on the foundation and show cracking on the inside of the basement. Brick walls are subject to bowing and cracking, and also susceptible to crumbling mortar. 

Signs of Crumbling Foundation? Contact Kent Foundation Repair

Luckily, Kent Foundation Repair contractors come equipped with advanced tools and technologies to fix these foundation issues before they become a costly repair. Sometimes symptoms don’t mean an expensive repair. So, it is essential to have honest, ethical inspectors from Kent Foundation Repair.

Dear Landlord, Please Fix My Sinking Foundation

We use multiple repair methods, whether helical piers, resistance piers, floor joist jacks tiebacks, and other proven effective techniques for crumbling foundations. The most common process involves driving steel piers into the load-bearing soils beneath the home to stabilize the foundation’s sinking portions. The contractors attach the piers to heavy-duty brackets under the foundation footer and then jack that portion of the house back to its level state. 

Foundation problems occur for several reasons and pose risks to safety and home value. Early discovery of the issues allows you to buy some time to do some research before contacting a Kent Foundation Repair expert that specializes in home foundation repair. 

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