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Submerged Foundation Stabilization

Creating a Suitable Footing for Future Construction

Project Manager: Dave Cummings

A group of 33 families came together and bought 2,300 acres of totally unimproved property. It included two lakes, a trout stream and lots of deer hunting. It now has a lodge and a manager on site. The lake is privately owned now and allows no motors. But in times past, they built boat houses to store row boats in the open season. Since that construction was many years ago and of simple materials, they fell into significant disrepair.

The board contacted a contractor to remove one of them and rebuild it to current standards and expectations. The house extends from shore out into the lake twenty-two feet. Though the old boat house had interior boardwalks to access the boats. The contractor left the boardwalks when he tore the building down. That allowed Kent Foundation Systems to access the support points of the new building. the contractor constructed the beam brackets the would accept the load of the building as placed on the 9 helical piers.

The job superintendent remarked how “slick” these piers made the supporting of the building. He assured us he would recommend this same process on the next boat house. Kent Foundation Systems is the source for unique ideas for unique projects.



Helical Piers for the Boat House

The piers were installed to handle a minimum of 15,000 lbs each, with a factor of safety. Six of the helicals went twenty-five feet to good stratum and the three on the right side went down thirty feet. The piers were cut at the proper elevation, brackets installed, and the wood construction of the boat house was completed.

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