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Porch Foundation Repair for a Lakefront Home

This lakefront home's porch was sinking due to the soil composition.

One of the best ways to spend late summer and early fall in Michigan is to sit on the porch of your lakefront home. Whether your home is on the Great Lakes, or on one of Michigan’s many inland lakes, the beauty and serenity is unsurpassed.

This dream home does come with some unique challenges. Lakefront properties face several challenges for their foundations. Waterfront soil composition is more prone to expansion and contraction from hydrostatic pressure. That means settlement for your home’s foundation. Lakefront homes can withstand these soils by installing helical piers to lift and stabilize the home.

This image shows the sunken foundation our team found.

Kent Foundation Repair helped a homeowner in Shelby, Michigan with foundation repair for her lakefront home. The foundation and support posts for the wrap-around porch had settled 1-2 inches. Kent’s Foundation┬áteam installed helical piers to help support the weight of the porch. The piers were driven into the ground to extend past the compromised soils until they reached competent, load-bearing levels.

This lakefront home's porch is now stable and ready for fall.

What’s this Shelby homeowner doing this fall? She’s sitting outside enjoying her porch instead of worrying about her foundation.

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