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Where’s This Water Coming From?

Have you had the misfortune of standing in your basement in a puddle of water asking yourself that very question? Where is this water coming from? It is an important detail to know when it comes to identifying basement waterproofing solutions. What is the source of the water intruding your house?

Finding The Source Of Water Entering Your Missouri Basement

Many waterproofing companies have systems to handle any water that gets through your foundation and into the basement regardless of its origin. Whether water pushes through the floor or a windowsill, or a crack, there is a system to handle it all (and in most cases a hefty price as well). It doesn’t have to be costly to repair a leaking St. Louis basement if you get a qualified basement waterproofing contractor to identify the source of the problem and provide the right solution for you.

If you have a basement that leaks, take the time to investigate when it leaks.

  1. Does it leak after a heavy rain, or when the lawn sprinklers run?
  2. Do you see water while its raining or is it a day or two later?
  3. Maybe you see water run down the wall.
  4. Does water come through cracks in your foundation?
  5. Do you have downspouts outside your basement in the area of your leaking?
  6. Maybe you see water on the floor and only the floor.
  7. Squishy carpet in a closet, or a bedroom?

If you spend a few minutes observing your situation it could prove to save you money in the long run. Call a professional in to assess your situation and share what you know or have observed about your basement-leaking problem. It will help with the evaluation of the problem, saving you and the contractor time and money.

Heavy rain hitting a house roof.

Missouri Homeowners With Water In Their Basement

A recent example of this approach saved a Missouri homeowner some real money. The homeowner was seeing water pooling up in his rec room floor along the wall and out into the middle after a heavy rain. The room had a painted concrete floor and finished walls. The water appeared to be coming from the walls and floor each time it rained heavily. At first glance, one contractor proposed removing the drywall and installing a new basement window located fairly close to the leak. Another proposed a perimeter system installation around the entire home’s basement that would guaranty a dry basement, but this proposal was quite expensive.

The third assessment was a bit more thorough. After asking some questions about when and where and doing a walk-around, the technician located the leak toward the corner of the basement. The water was leaking between the sill plate and the foundation, and then running along the wall and out into the room. Just outside the leak at the corner of the house was a downspout discharging directly out alongside a covered back porch. The extension had been removed. The concrete walk and the adjacent section of driveway were just slightly sunken enough to allow water to sit. The combination of flat concrete with open joints and water pouring directly on it was causing the leak.

The proposal that was written and accepted by the homeowner was to repair the downspout problem and direct the water away from the foundation. Additionally, the contractor would raise the concrete up to grade away from the house and seal the joints with a concrete caulk. This was completed for far less money than the other proposed solutions. The result was a dry basement, and a happy homeowner who didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to fix his basement.

If you were wondering, yes the third contractor was Kent Foundation Repair. Take the time. Ask the questions. It will be worth it.

*Kent Foundation Repair only offers Basement Waterproofing at our St. Louis service area.

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