About Kent Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair - Staff

We’re a 3rd-generation, family-owned business, serving homeowners like you for over 60 years.  When John VanderLaan founded “Kent Concrete” in Kent County in 1957, he poured many of that areas very first driveways and garages – a new feature for many homes in the 1950’s.

Over the years, we’ve grown to serve many customers in Western Michigan, Missouri area, and Northeast Ohio. You may recognize the name Kent Companies from our large commercial concrete projects across the region.

We have the size, stability and dependability that small, “fly by night” contractors simply can’t offer.

Kent Foundation Repair is 100% focused on homeowners like you.

Kent Foundation Repair focuses exclusively on residential properties. While our name sounds big, rest assured that our Kent Foundation Repair team is tailored exactly to the size and service level you need. We understand the value and expertise you demand for your home because we’re homeowners just like you.

We offer you access to the knowledge, experience and stability of a large company — and we make our services available at the level and price that is a value for homeowners. We stand by our work, and we will for generations to come.