Residential Foundation Repair

The foundation of your home is the most important component to its longevity. When it has settled unevenly, or shifted due to environmental conditions, it’s important to address it as soon as possible to avoid more damage and increasing repair costs. You also want your foundation repaired by an expert who values your home as much as you do.

With Kent Foundation Repair, your home is in good hands. Since our founding, we have stabilized thousands of foundations. We couple our experience and expertise with advanced repair options for a long-lasting solution, restoring your home’s safety, stability, and value, and your comfort in it.

Residential Foundation Repair Services

We understand that every house is different, which is why our approach to residential foundation repair is different. We only use the most advanced repair methods, and focus our variety of services on those that are truly foundational.

slab foundation

Slab Foundation Repair

Also called slab-on-grade, this focuses on leveling a slab foundation, and preventing foundation movement in the future.

Crawl space repair

Crawl Space Foundation Repair

If you have a crawl space (a low height area underneath your home) and your foundation is experiencing issues, we can help.

Basement foundation repair

Basement Repair

If you see cracks in your basement walls or floor, or your basement walls are bowing, it’s a sign you need to consider foundation repair.

chimney foundation repair

Chimney Repair

A leaning or separated chimney is indicative that the footing or foundation below has cracked or shifted, and repair is needed.

Other Residential Services

In addition to the services listed above, we also offer solutions for retaining walls, including sea walls, plus sinking porches, lakefront properties, and residential pre-construction foundation piers.

Residential Foundation Repair Service Areas

West Michigan service area map

Residential Foundation Repair in West Michigan

With an office in Grand Rapids, MI, we gladly take on foundation repairs throughout West Michigan.

Ratings and Reviews

“Kent Companies did a fantastic, professional job on a project for us. They were able to successfully stabilize and lift a room that had settled, back to level. Great job!”

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Looking for Commercial Foundation Repair Services?

We also repair foundations of businesses, organizations, and other commercial buildings.