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How to Avoid Foundation Problems When Shopping for a Home

There are so many elements to consider when shopping for a new home, from price and location to square footage and interior upgrades. While a solid foundation may not be top of mind during the house search, it’s important to not overlook. Buying a house with structural issues can create significant future financial burdens, so keeping an eye out for warning signs of a bad foundation early on can make all the difference.

Why is a Solid Home Foundation Structure Important?

The foundation is arguably one of the most important aspects of your home. When your house has a solid foundation, it can support the home and bear its weight. A sound structural base can keep out water, eliminating issues with mold and mildew. It can also mitigate cracks and gaps from settling, which stops critters and pests from getting into your home. With a secure foundation, you’re avoiding a myriad of problems that homeowners can encounter.

Warning Signs of Foundation Structure Problems

Not all foundation issues are easy to spot when you’re first touring a home, but there are a few things to check for that can indicate larger concerns. At your next open house or private showing, look out for (and avoid!) the following warning signs of foundation issues:

  • Large cracks on interior or exterior home walls
  • Sticking doors that do not close or open easily
  • Cabinets or countertops separated from the walls
  • Uneven floors that slant, squeak, or bounce
  • Noticeable cracks in a home’s floors or tiles

Positive Signs of a Good Foundation Structure

If you’re not noticing the warning signs mentioned above, there is a higher likelihood that the foundation of your future home is sound. A few additional ways to check for a solid foundational structure during a house showing or inspection include:

  • A sound drainage system, in which water runs away from the home
  • Well-aligned doors and windows that easily open and close
  • Lack of mold or mildew smells in basements and crawl spaces
  • Walls that are securely upright and straight, both up and down and side-to-side

Foundation Repair Solutions for a House’s Structural Problems

Depending on the type of foundation, there are a variety of repair options for the structural issues your home is experiencing. At Kent Foundation Repair, we service solutions for slab foundations, crawl space foundations, and basement foundations. If you need slab foundation repair or crawl space repair, our team uses helical piers to re-level the foundation. For slab foundations specifically, we also consider the method of crack stitching to repair cracks throughout the structure. With basement foundation repairs, we employ reinforcement strips on basement walls and use helical piers to prevent sinking or lateral movement.

Even if your eyes are peeled for foundation issues when home shopping, not everything can be caught early. If you need repair services for your house’s failing foundation, contact us. We’re happy to help you discover the perfect solution for your home and answer your questions about navigating foundation repair.

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