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What to Ask When Your Basement Has a Foundation Problem

Noticed an issue with your basement foundation? Whether you’re seeing cracks in your walls or a slanting basement floor, it’s important to address a potential problem as soon as you see it. Ignoring foundation concerns can only cause additional damage to your basement walls and floors, resulting in a higher cost to fix. When contacting a foundation repair service, be sure you’re asking the following questions to get the most out of your experience.

What Causes Basement Foundation Problems?

The cause of your basement’s foundation problem is valuable to know because it plays a part in preventing future concerns. Basement foundation problems can be caused by a variety of factors, but all of them are rooted in water and soil. 

Improper drainage allows water to pool, which causes water damage through wet soil expanding and dry soil contracting, putting pressure on your basement walls or foundation. This happens often in places with expansive soils composed heavily of clay — such as Michigan or Ohio, where frequent movement causes uneven settling and shifting.

How Can My Basement’s Foundation Be Fixed?

Repair methods for your basement’s foundation depend on the location of the damage and its severity. At Kent Foundation Repair, we employ three different strategies: foundation leveling, foundation piers, and carbon fiber reinforcement strips.

Leveling is best for sinking portions of basement foundation, as helical piers are placed into load-bearing soils to stabilize the problem area. Piers can be used to prevent or stop lateral movement of basement walls by horizontal installation into the soil. Reinforcement strips are the best way to stabilize bowing walls; they are installed vertically to stabilize and counter lateral pressure.

How Much Will Foundation Repair Cost?

This is an important question that can’t — and shouldn’t — be answered before an on-site evaluation of the problem at hand. Depending on the size of your house, necessary repair method(s), and foundation condition, the cost can vary greatly.

When hiring a professional to fix your foundation, ensure you’re receiving a complimentary evaluation and estimate before committing to work with them. This process can help you establish a trustworthy servicer, understand the expected cost before any ground is broken, and can prevent overcharging.

How Can I Maintain My Foundation?

The best way to maintain your foundation is to revisit the cause of your initial problem. For example, if your house’s drainage system is directing water to the foundation in and around your basement, the best way to combat future issues is by redirecting your system. 

It’s best to discuss proper foundation maintenance with your chosen repair professional, since they have accurately diagnosed your specific problem and can offer unique solutions for keeping your house structurally sound.

Don’t wait to address your basement foundation concerns — contact your local repair professional and get your questions answered today. Resolving a foundation issue can seem daunting, but it’ll be worth it when your home has a foundation you can rely on.

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