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Basement Wall Repair In Hamilton, MI

Are your basement walls bowing inward?

Kent Foundation Repair can help.

Bowed basement walls are a worry for many homeowners. What first appears to be a small crack or bulge can evolve into a wall that is sliding out and pushing into your basement space.

Whether you have a traditional basement or a unique home with tall walls, we can help with bowed basement walls. Helical tiebacks are used to stop expanding soils from creating lateral movement against basement, crawl space, and retaining walls. Kent Foundation Repair installs helical piers horizontally in order to reach more competent soils. Steel plates then anchor the wall to the tieback, providing needed support. Helical tiebacks are a good solution for spaces that are difficult to access because they can be installed with relatively lightweight equipment.

We recently installed helical tiebacks to a basement in Hamilton, Michigan. This repair was needed to help support their basement wall. The team installed five helical tiebacks.  In order to provide complete support to the wall, we staggered our installation to place three tiebacks higher on the wall and two slightly lower. To complete the job, the holes were filled with concrete and the supporting steep plates were placed.

Basement Wall Repair By Kent Foundation Repair

A Kent Foundation Repair team member works on this basement wall. Kent Foundation Repair crews work hard and efficiently to repair a home quickly. And as always, we provide a warranty for our work.

Customer Testimonial

“I also wanted to report on the crew you sent to my place.  They were wonderful.  Informative, polite, super tidy, and just really nice.  If I had a company, I’d be really proud to have men like them represent it.”

– Mary T., Hamilton, Michigan

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