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Chimney Repair In Saugatuck, Michigan

This chimney in Saugatuck, MI was starting to fail because of changing soil composition.When Sally, a homeowner in Saugatuck, Michigan, contacted us to inspect her leaning chimney, we responded with the best talent on our team.  Rick, our residential project manager, met with Sally to inspect her chimney.  The chimney had cracks that were a result of the foundation failing below.

Saugatuck is a nice community situated off Kalamazoo Lake and Kalamazoo River. Waterfront cottages and homes are often built upon challenging soils that cannot support the weight of a home’s structure.  In this case, the soils beneath the chimney were not able to support its full weight.

Kent Foundation Repair recommended the installation of two helical piers.  One pier was installed 33 feet deep and the other pier was installed 34 feet deep in order to reach more competent, load-bearing soils.  The Kent team tuck-pointed the crack in the masonry, and now the cottage’s chimney stands on solid ground – for this summer, and many seasons to come.

Chimney Repair Customer Testimonial

Here are the raving compliments that our homeowner shared about the Kent Foundation Repair team:

Jason and Thomas installed the helical piers under the chimney at my cottage in Saugatuck.  Jason and Thomas were excellent workers and very up-beat and happy, even on an 85 degree weather day.  Jason kept saying how he loved the job, and Thomas was appreciative of the experience he was getting.  They did a fine job of explaining to me what they were doing.

They were hard-working, considerate, trustworthy, and very nice.

I am impressed with your workers, with the fine job they did being difficult and exhausting work, and with everything being cleaned up before they left.  I am confident the chimney will never fall over!

Thank you, Rick, for helping this to go so smoothly and quickly.  I will definitely recommend Kent as a fine company.

– Sally M., Saugatuck, Michigan

If your chimney is cracked, settling or breaking away from your home, you may need foundation repair to help support it.  Contact our team for a free inspection.

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