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Foundation Repair & Historic Site Preservation Project

Project Manager: Dave Cummings
Job Purpose: Foundation Stabilization & Preservation of Historic Structure
Foundation Contractor: Koster and Steigenga

Kent Foundations systems received a call from an Allegan remodeling contractor to devise a support repair for a house. Upon investigation, it was a special house, recognized as an historic house with a history of about 150 years. Since it was listed as historic, all repairs needed to be approved by the commission. Once that process was concluded, work could begin.

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The house had a Michigan basement. That meant that the house had an expected shallow footing which made access to the footing easier. Unfortunately the footing was constructed of virtually one layer of rock just under ground level. The rocks were sort of mortared together, which was of no help to the pier bracket. The bricks on the rocks were of generally poor quality and very weak mortar.

KHS Teams Up with an Architect

The situation required professional help from an architect. He studied the structure and suggested that we change the pier spacing from 6 foot centers to 4.5 foot centers. Then we added a 30 inch angle iron to increase the support surface since the footing added little lineal support.

Completing the Repairs

All piers were installed without vibration or undue pressures on the house structure. Site disruption was very minimal. The structural integrity would not allow a lift of the the nominal settlement, about 3/4 inch. But it brought stability to the home and great relief to the owner.

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