Commercial Foundation Repair in West Michigan, East Michigan, North East Ohio, and East Missouri

Foundations for commercial structures typically require a more stringent set of requirements.  Heavier buildings typically require stronger piles and brackets.  Kent has performed foundation repair for structures in the West Michigan, East Michigan, North Eastern Ohio, and East Missouri area of all sizes, and we’re ready to go to work on your commercial job.

Whether your commercial structure requires heavy-duty piles, a customized install schedule around business hours, Kent is experienced and ready to meet your job’s requirements.

Pre construction piers installed in a grid.

Prevent Foundation Settlement With Pre-Construction Helical Piers

Smart contractors understand the value of preventative maintenance.  Pre-construction helical piers are an inexpensive way to prevent foundation settlement before it has a chance to begin, ensuring a stable foundation.  Unlike push piers which require resistance, helical piers are torque driven like a screw (which is why they’re also referred to as “screw piles”) into the soil where a foundation is to be poured.  Once the proper soil resistance is achieved, top plates are fastened to the top of the pile shafts, allowing concrete to be poured directly on top.  Thus, the weight of the foundation is resting not on unstable soils, but on the load bearing helical piles.