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Identifying Common Foundation Settlement Problems

Cracked soil can lead to foundation settlement problems.

Common Foundation Problems Homeowners Need to Identify 

The last problem that any homeowner wants to face is foundation settlement. Identifying foundation settlement problems can help to prevent further damage. On the surface, a crack in the foundation wall may seem harmless, but over time it might turn into something disastrous. Homeowners should not overlook small cracks. Instead, hire a foundation settlement expert to have a look at the problem. 

What Causes Foundation Settlement?

Knowing the problem and what to look for is a faster way to a solution. That is why homeowners need to know what foundation settlement is all about. Foundation settlement is the movement that homes experience when the soil below can no longer support the weight of the house. Apart from soil playing a significant role in foundation settlement problems, other causes also contribute to this situation. 

The following are some of the factors responsible for causing foundation settlement: 

  • Soil Consolidation – Soil plays a significant role in keeping the foundation stable. Compact soil makes for excellent stability. If the soil is not compacted fully, then the structure above the surface will not settle properly. 
  • Condition and Type of the Soil – The weight of the property might compress the soil below it. This forces the water out, which makes the soil dense. Once the soil is compressed, that inevitably affects the condition of the soil is also affected by the pressure. The type of soil plays a crucial role in foundation settlement problems. Whether it is clay soil or loam and sandy soil, the soil needs to be apt for the foundation. If the soil does not adapt to the foundation, then it will lead to foundation settlement. The moisture content in the soil is yet another issue that can lead to foundation settlement. The soil near the perimeter of the foundation is drier. Too much moisture can soften the soil around the foundation footing leading the foundation to settle. 
  • Changes in the Weather – Weather changes can lead to foundation settlement also. If there is a torrential downpour, then that can lead to the over-saturation of the soil. Droughts, on the other hand, can cause gaps in the soil. The property can settle in those empty spaces. 

Addressing Foundation Issues

Homeowners can face a lot of foundation settlement problems that will need to be rectified by a foundation repair specialist. The following are some of the foundation settlement problems that a homeowner might come across: 

  • Difficulty opening and closing doors and windows 
  • Bowed foundation walls 
  • Cracks in the foundation 
  • Uneven floors 

Foundation settlement takes a lot of time to happen. It is a gradual process, and many factors contribute to the same. Get in touch with a foundation repair expert. They can suggest some solutions like foundation repair and helical piers to get the foundation back in place.  

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