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Saving Basement Walls with Techni-Crack

Recently a customer contacted Kent Foundation Repair for advice on a wet St. Louis basement. He was experiencing wet areas in the carpeting of his lower level family room. An expert was sent out to diagnose the problem. Upon inspection three separate cracks were found in the foundation wall. These specific cracks allowed water to enter the finished basement and saturate the carpet. The homeowner had existing tile that drained properly into the original sump pump.

How To Use Techni-Crack To Seal Basement Walls

The representative recommended sealing the three cracks using Techni-Crack, a hydrophobic membrane process that works on poured foundation walls. This is a flawless, patent pending wall crack waterproofing method. It replaces the old polyurethane and epoxy injections which often required constant repair. Work was scheduled after the homeowner agreed to the proposal.

Three days later, after the customer removed the paneling that covered the walls in question, work began. A service technician sealed the cracks by injecting concrete sealant into various ports. The hydrophobic compound was then applied to the back of the membrane in order to repel water immediately. Upon finishing the job the technician made sure that the site was diligently cleaned and in proper order.

The homeowner was happy with our services and even happier to enjoy his family room once more without the worry of water seepage. Techni-Crack has given him the assurance of the only infallible method of crack injection on the market today.

*Kent Foundation Repair only offers Basement Waterproofing at our St. Louis service area.

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