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Settling Porch Repair | Foundation Repair in NW Grand Rapids, MI

You cross the threshold of your house every day. Are you noticing any cracks, sloped floors or a sinking front porch?

Helical pier jack raising a sinking porch in Grand Rapids.

Kent Foundation Repair Raises Sunken Porch with Helical Piers

Helical pier jack raising a sinking porch in Grand Rapids.

A homeowner in Northwest Grand Rapids recently called on Kent Foundation Repair to help fix a settling foundation and sinking porch.

Our residential project manager visited the home. After a detailed inspection, we developed a repair plan to install three helical piers on the interior of the building and three along the exterior.

The original goal for the project was to stabilize the sinking foundation and porch. As our team began installing piers, some were driven to ten feet deep before hitting pressures needed to stabilize the structure. Others went to fifteen feet deep. Our ability to precisely measure helical pier support in the field is essential to delivering a long-term solution for our homeowners.

We were able to safely lift the sinking porch three inches (our customer said he would have been happy with a half inch lift.)  We’re proud to say that we over-delivered on this one day to install with three Kent Foundation Repair team members.

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Grand Rapids MI sunken porch raising job site.

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