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Sinking Chimney Repair in Grand Haven, Michigan

You probably think about your chimney the most in the winter. After all, that’s the time for cozy fires, stockings hung on the mantle and, of course, Santa.  But, what if your chimney’s a little “off”?

Why Your Chimney Matters to Your Foundation

Chimneys can sink, settle and tilt away from your home. A tilting chimney is a serious problem. It causes issues like:

  • Cracks in chimney liners
  • Gaps and breaks in siding
  • Hazards from falling bricks or crumbling

Your chimney may be connected to your home’s foundation or it may sit upon its own pad. Do you think your chimney needs foundation repair? Look for these symptoms:

  • Review the joint between the exterior chimney and the side of your house. Bob Vila’s home repair site recommends looking for mortar, caulk or foam insulation that previous owners may have used to cover up the gaps.
  • If your chimney runs inside your home, crawl inside your attic and check if it is still centered in its wood framing.
  • Check for leaks where flashing may have dislodged.
  • Stand away from your home at a distance to see if your chimney appears to be leaning away from the home’s main structure.

Foundation and Chimney Repairs

Kent Foundation Repair provides foundation repair for chimneys. Note! This is different than masonry repair. When the chimney pulls away from the home you need foundation repair. Kent Foundation Repair installed two piers beneath the chimney in a home in Grand Haven, Michigan. The chimney was lifted as practical and the project took less than a day. In some cases we stabilize the chimney only. If your chimney needs foundation repair, contact us for a free inspection and estimate.



Before: The Chimney Pulls Away

This chimney began to separate from the home.

After: The Chimney is Back Against the Home

After the foundation was stabilized, the chimney is leveled and against the home.

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