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Sunroom Foundation Sinking? Consider Helical Piers.

Sunroom foundation repair is needed for many homes in Michigan, Ohio, and St. Louis.

How Do Helical Piers Help Keep Your Sunroom Foundation from Sinking

It was early in the year. We were in Westshore, Michigan. A local customer called us out to stabilize her sunroom foundation. Our Kent Foundation Repair team created an inspection report explaining how her three-season room had shifted. The entire room had settled unevenly. As the heaving forced the walls to move, the locks on the double-hung windows became loose. 

Many homeowners experience the same issue. You may notice how far the end of your sunroom foundation sinks. Other factors leading to structural damage include changing humidity. Rain and snow also contribute to foundation issues. If you’re experiencing a sinking sunroom, call us. We offer permanent solutions to fix the issue. Sunroom foundations benefit from helical piers. Let’s check out how it works: 

How Does Foundation Repair Work with Helical Piers?

So how do helical piers help sunroom foundation repair? Helical piers drive into the ground to support foundations. Piers are essential for challenging soil conditions. Once placed, helical piers create immense torque force. Helical piers cause minimal disruption. Additionally, they create long-lasting solutions. Our goal is to transfer the structure’s weight to the soil deep into the earth. The pier uses the surrounding soil for stabilization. 

Foundation Problems vs. Settling – Know When to Call in Experts

For a sunroom foundation, consider adding helical plates. Helical extensions are also used. Kent Foundation Repair uses extensions to reach load-bearing strata. We measure for adequate torque for your specific needs. 

Helical piers can reach deep soil levels. Therefore, weak or unstable soils are not an issue.

Helical Piers vs. Concrete Piers 

Concrete pillars were standard practice for contractors. However, helical piers and helical screw piles add additional benefits. 

Unlike concrete piers, helical piers are easy for builders to install. They are perfect for homeowners living with erosion-prone soil. Any shifting sunroom foundation benefits from helical pier support.

Additionally, Kent Foundation Repair installs piers year-round. Piers are the natural choice for homeowners. They are installed regardless of weather conditions.

Methods and Materials of Foundation Repair

Helical piers dig deep into the soil to avoid frost heaves. In addition, helical piers are less labor-intensive. They are generally less expensive than concrete. Piers are an optimal solution for a sunroom foundation.

However, they require machinery and skill to install in rocky soils. The contractors at Kent Foundation Repair have years of experience. Our team brings expertise and knowledge to ensure a successful installation. Our helical piers will keep your sunroom foundation from sinking further. Call today for your free estimate!

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