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The Negative Effects Fall Rain & Leaves Have On Your Foundation

Falling leaves, cooling temperatures, and lots of rain — all signs of the autumn season. However, the turning weather signifies more than just hot drinks and pumpkin picking. The increased amount of rain and leaves that come with fall negatively affect drainage, which can directly impact your house or commercial property’s foundation.

The Relationship Between Fall Weather & Drainage Issues

Drainage systems are crucial throughout the changing seasons, but they have the potential to cause serious issues when not operated properly. Ideally, drainage systems operate by capturing water from rain showers and storms in your gutter, which they then displace downhill and away from your property. 

However, the fall season brings numerous concerns that impact the water displacement process. An increase of rain overworks your gutters, which can cause damage that builds over time. Small leaks and cracks may not be immediately impactful, but can gradually prevent water from flowing away from your property. Additionally, the sudden influx of falling leaves can clog gutters and downspouts, which keeps rain from filtering through your system.

The Impact of Fall Weather On Your Foundation

Even with a properly functioning drainage system, your foundation is impacted by changing weather conditions. Rain causes the soil around your property to expand, and as land dries, the soil will contract and cause a consistent shift of the ground. Heavy downpours can create this vicious cycle, but most foundations are built to withstand this change. An effective drainage system should properly redirect additional water.

However, if rain and leaves damage your drainage system by cracking or clogging your gutters, the impact on your foundation can be severe. The build-up of water caused by leaves can spill out of the gutter and seep into your foundation, causing the soil to expand and contract more than usual. Leaks in your pipes can create pools of water that have the same effect. If this is the case, you may need to seek the assistance of a foundation repair professional.

Protecting Your Foundation From Fall Drainage Issues

When it comes to stopping water-related foundation issues before they happen, the best course of action is continually ensuring your drainage system is properly working. When you check your gutters and downspouts, look for any leaks or clogs and assess the water’s directional flow. Repeat this process on occasion — especially after a heavy rainstorm or towards the end of the season, when most leaves have fallen.

The changing of the seasons can’t be prevented, but you don’t have to feel powerless when it comes to the weather’s effect on your foundation. Monitoring your drainage systems will keep excess water away from your property and protect the condition of your foundation. If you fear your foundation may need professional repair as a result of improper drainage, contact us for a free assessment of your commercial or residential property.

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