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Waterproofing Solutions in St. Louis

There are various issues that every homeowner has to face some time or the other with their property. Of all of them, there is the issue with a wet basement that can be troublesome. It is necessary to find wet basement solutions in St. Louis at the earliest, and for that, one needs to get in touch with a contractor who can help. 

What Wet Basement Solutions In St. Louis Are There For Homeowners?

A wet basement is not good news for the homeowner. A damp basement will not only feel and smell unpleasant, but it will also bring down the value of the property. If a wet basement is allowed, moisture will gradually damage the floors and walls and promote the growth of mold. To avoid all these issues, it is better to opt for some professional expertise. 

How To Keep Water Out of Your House

Professional contractors can help with providing the following waterproofing solutions: 

Consider adding gutter extensions – Take a look at the downspouts, and see whether they are dumping water less than 5 feet away from the house. Guide the water out of the property. Adding plastic or metal gutter extensions helps. However, according to the experts, it is better to install permanent, hidden underground drain pipes.

Think about reshaping the landscape – Consider making changes to the landscape to keep away water from seeping into the basement. The home’s siding overlaps the foundation of the house to a certain extent. If the homeowner decides to build a crown, then that would probably bring soil and termites too close to the siding. Maintain a minimum distance. Consider adding a mound of dirt or a shallow ditch to redirect water to a different direction away from the house. 

Check the footing drains – Check for water leaks into the basement walls or where the walls meet the floor. If you see that water is seeping into these places, then that means hydrostatic pressure is pushing the water from the ground. In that case, contractors offering waterproofing solutions In St. Louis needs to take a look at the footing drains. Clean out drains if clogged. Then, it needs to be flushed clean. 

Consider waterproofing the walls – One can always install an interior drainage system that will help to pull the water out. That might not solve all the problems, though. To assist, French drain installation is a good idea. This job might ask for a substantial investment, but it is a valuable solution for the long term. 

Various other wet basement solutions are available. Contact a Kent Foundation Repair specialist in the St. Louis area today!

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