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Fixing Bowed Basement Walls in Byron Center, Michigan

Fixing bowed basement walls in Byron Center, Michigan.

Cracked and bowing basement walls are common in West Michigan, especially after the home reaches 15-20 years of age. Multiple seasons of the freeze-thaw cycle and hydrostatic pressure exert force on the wall, weakening it over time.

Creating a Repair Plan for a Bowed Basement Wall

  • Water drainage system from Kent Foundation Repair.

What should you do if your basement walls are bowing in? Contact a Kent Foundation Repair expert.

We recently helped a Byron Center homeowner who saw significant cracks in his basement walls. The walls were poured concrete. Our team designed a repair plan for this home’s exact needs. We dug out the outside of two walls. We installed seven helical tiebacks to anchor the walls to more stable soils away from the home’s perimeter.

Another service contractor waterproofed both walls, and then we backfilled them to complete the project. The helical tiebacks pulled the wall back towards a level position and provided support that will keep the wall in place and secure for the long run.

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