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New Construction Foundation Support in Alto, Michigan

Helical piers here are being installed prior to a concrete foundation being poured.Building a new home is an all-encompassing project. It’s important to have a strong foundation to protect the integrity of the entire building structure. In March 2016, Kent Foundation Repair helped get this new home off to a great start.

When you install helical piers before the foundation is poured, the piers ensure the foundation remains stable and leveled. This design helps maintain foundations regardless of soil composition.

Kent’s Foundation team installed fifty-one helical piers for a new home foundation. As we installed the piers, some went to a depth of twenty-one feet below ground while others went down as far as forty feet. Once all of the piers were installed, our team cut the pipes to specific heights and capped them. This serves as a base for a concrete slab to lay on/slightly engulf.

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We used lightweight equipment which made it easy to access the job site. Despite the rain and extremely wet conditions, we kept productivity and quality workmanship at the forefront!


Are you planning to build a new home? We can help put your new construction on a solid foundation.



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