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Residential Earth Anchor Repair Job in West Michigan

A homeowner in Saint Joseph, Michigan reached out to Kent Foundation Repair about foundation cracks in their retaining wall due to unstable walls. Our team of experts successfully installed three earth anchors to provide permanent and reliable support to the residence. We  returned the bowing retaining wall to its original state and fixed existing cracks, with a goal of preventing further future foundation damage for the client.

The Problem: Cracked Retaining Wall

When this West Michigan homeowner called in our support, their foundation’s retaining wall appeared cracked and uneven. This problem presented clear damage and deterioration, as well as concern for instability in the house as a whole. Due to the condition of the retaining wall, the weight of the client’s foundation could be unequally distributed. When this occurs, homes are more susceptible to larger issues like crumbling walls, which could require the expensive fix of an entirely new foundation.

Kent Foundation Repair’s Solution

To address the client’s problem with a cracked and uneven retaining wall, Kent Foundation Repair installed three earth anchors. Initially, the team planned to install three tiebacks, but ran into a small roadblock when water lines were found in the area. To avoid hitting these, we pivoted and were able to install the earth anchors 15’ long in just a few hours. Once this was done, we dug out the backside of the client’s retaining wall. We then straightened the wall out to its original condition, ensuring we backfilled and patched up existing cracks.

The Results: Earth Anchor Installation

With the help of Kent Foundation Repair, a West Michigan homeowner avoided the risk of future costly home repairs. Our team was able to save the client from future larger foundation issues with the installation of three earth anchors and a restored retaining wall. Fortunately, instead of avoiding the problem, our client sought professional support and saw results in just a few hours.

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