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What Does Foundation Repair Look Like?

You’ve made the decision to make repairs to your foundation. Now what? Like most homeowners, you might wonder what the repair process looks like and how it will impact your yard or landscaping. Let us reassure you – Kent Foundation Repair does everything we can to treat your home is if it’s our very own.

There are a lot of factors that affect our work on the project. We adjust our approach and the equipment we use based on factors like:

  • Your property’s unique landscaping features, slope  and surrounding greenery
  • Access to your home’s foundation
  • Depth of the piers

Let’s look a little closer at this foundation repair project in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Kent team installed eight piers at this home in late April 2016. The piers were each driven to depths ranging from eight to ten feet into the ground. In the first photo, you’ll see the type of holes we have to dig to access the footings or foundation of your home. The number of holes is determined by the areas where your home needs the most support. We take care to dig carefully and to disturb as little of the surrounding area as possible.  In this case, you can see that our crews used shovels to dig holes and maintain the homeowner’s landscaping.  After the piers are installed, we re-fill the holes with the dirt that was removed.  Our concrete team will also perform work on this property to provide a comprehensive solution to the homeowner.

Do you have questions about how foundation repair will affect your property? Let’s talk! We’ll be happy to discuss how we’ll access your property and we’ll talk about the process so you understand what happens each step of the way.  Get started by requesting a free estimate.

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