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Pre-Construction Piers for a Condominium Community

Comstock Park’s New Condominiums

North Grand Rapids’ Comstock Park is a growing area of Kent County. Kent Homes Services was asked to assist with a new condominium construction project in Comstock Park. Even the largest commercial property developers and contractors turn to Kent for help with foundation services. In this case, we were called to install pre-construction helical piers.

Commercial Foundation Services

This project was particularly challenging due to weather and the ground conditions. Construction trucks driving through the area compacted the ground, and extremely low temperatures caused the frost line to run nearly a foot and half deep!

Kent's team is installing helical piers to support deck posts at a new construction site.

We were, however, were prepared and ready for the weather and ground conditions. Our team have the tools and expertise to execute, even in tough situations.
Kent Foundation Repair installed nine helical piers to support decks for the condo units. The crew used a plumb bob and measured the exact location for each pier in order to support the deck posts. Their work was spot on. Special brackets were made for the posts to accommodate the deck construction as well.

At Kent Foundation Repair, we make sure the job is done precisely and right the first time so you can rest easy knowing you have a firm foundation.

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